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The Rest of 2022…

January 14, 2023

I didn’t realize I hadn’t update this in a while, after the first part of 2022, I ended up with a total of 26 races, Basically 1 every other weekend. By the end of the year, I was tired. Races from Midland, Raleigh to Myrtle Beach. I had several medal finishes, and several where the course handed me my ass.

In May, I got bullied into a half marathon. Michael David is a ASS, and it’s his fault. I did complete the race in under 3 hours. Myself, Erin and Michael all completed the race, we all did our own thing, and it was the end of toxic masculinity. Peppered in were several 5k’s, 2 1/2 Marathons.

Myrtle Beach half was on my list to shatter my personal record. Sadly my back was acting a fool, and I didn’t take training as serious as i should have. at mile 3 it started to hurt, so a lot of negotiating. After I got back I changed Chiropractors, and it made a world of difference

I finished the year with a 5/10 K combo in Huntersville, Daniel, Pam and my self competed in both. I was tired after the races due to Bronchitis. It was slightly challenging, but so worth it. I love those races and will continue to do them for the considerable future.

Next year, (2023)I plan to do my first marathon, right now its Myrtle Beach, if my left knee decides to cooperate.

I come back later to add to this later, I’ve had a Mai Tai and I’m slightly tipsy.


First Quarter of 2022

March 13, 2022

January started out with the Resolution 5K on a familiar course, this race only gave medals for the top10 per male & female. The month ended with Winter Flight. This race was a 5K/8K event, most of the faster rutnners were in the 8k race which allowed me to finish 2nd in my age group. This was the start of 5 weeks in a row of races

February opened with race 2, Heart and Sole 5K a slightly different course at Frank Liske, with a hair over 30 mins time I got another 2nd place medal. The next week was the longest race/event I’ve ever done Race 3 : Fellowship of the Idiots a 19.7 mile from the Y in Albermarle to the top of Morrow Mtn. And back. I completed the event in the time limit and I’m officially an idiot. Race 4 was the Hot Chocolate 15K being my 1st 15 I had a PR of 1:42. 59. The final race of the month was the Rowan Cabarrus Student 5K, while I didn’t medal i did have a sub30 time.

March had the return of the Kannapolis Run Series. The Rhythm & Run 5K. I miss medalling by 30 secs. So happy the races are back just wish the weather would have been better. Next race is March 24th

.My 2022 Race Calendar is coming together nicely.

Fall and Winter Running Oh My…..

December 19, 2021

The last quarter of my 2021 Run season was full of adventures and fun. After we got back from New Hampshire, it was time to start my Huntersville Half Marathon training. My friend from High School, Grady pulled together my plan, for the most part I followed it, except i had to modify it some cause I had 5 5K’s scheduled.

First one was the Jack-O-Latern 5K at Frank Liske Park, the course was close to Junebug course, except for a minor change. I ended up 4th, which for me still earned a medal. The next day, it was a costume race (The Spooky Sprint 5K) I dressed up as Forrest Gump, Daniel and Michelle dressed as the Devil and Jesus. We all did good and all medaled. I had a respectable time and finished 2nd in my age group.

November had 3 races on the calendar, first up was the Run for Veterans 5k, a tough little course with the last quarter mile was straight uphill. Finished under 30 mins, 4th in my age group, but no medal. The Santa Scramble was a before the Concord Christmas parade. It was a destination race, meaning it started and ended in 2 different spots, close to 400 people were in it. My anxiety was high cause I was worried about falling, mainly cause the route was lined with people waiting on the parade. Daniel and I both ran great races, but with our age groups loaded, neither of us finished top 3. Less than a week later we were out for our 2nd Butterball 5K. This field was loaded as well, and with another sub 30 time, no medal but a fun challenging course.

December started out with 2 10 mile runs as i prepared for the Huntersville Half Marathon. Dr. Levy signed up for this race and we met up at start line. My stress and anxiety were through the roof. Once the race started, everything settled down and we got into a steady pace of @10 min miles. We chatted as we went and it was fun to talk to him in a non office setting. As we chipped away at the miles, we came to the uphill challenge, I told him to go for it. When we got to the top, we stopped for a potty break, and that was the only time i stopped running. After we got going again, we had some uphill to go, and the course didn’t level out till Mile 12. As we turned into the finish line, a flood of emotions hit me. I did it, I had just ran 13.1 miles, something I didn’t think possible. To my surprise Connie was standing there at the finish line to out my finisher medal around my neck. I had to fight back the tears. My legs were sore, I suffered my first case of sore/bloody nipples. I was able to secure a post race massage from one of the vendors, it helped along with having to walk back to car that was over a mile away.

The rest of the month will be fun runs, and walks. I met my goal of a 1000 miles for the year. My 2022 Calendar is starting to take shape, including a 15K distance and my 2nd half in Myrtle Beach. My mileage goal is still up in the air…

Summer Running…

September 5, 2021

Lots of running oh my

The summer has been full of running, including my one and only trail race. I started out the month of June running the Junebug 5K at Frank Lisk Park, a dirt track/gravel in parts trail. I finished that race 2nd in my age group (30:34), July brought on the Run The Greenway in Salisbury, this was the same course as the Bare Bones 5K, I finished this one in 3rd in my age group (29:15).

August brought 2 races, including the for mentioned trail race, the Mystic Mayham at Lake Norman. A 5.5 mile course, that I tried to keep a slow trot the whole time. I only came close to falling twice, a little trip on a root and that was it. I may have went another loop, but i had to go car shopping since I had a kid run a stop sign at Walmart and wrecked my car, his insurance decided to total it, so i found me a 2019 Honda HR-V, and it so awesome to have a car that i feel like needs to go in the shop at least once a month.

Race 2 was the Mt Pleasant High School Booster 5K, Daniel and I went to this race is style as the rental i got for the wreck was a 2020 Mustang Convertible. It was so much fun to drive, Connie wanted to keep it, but there wasn’t anyway to float 2 car payments. So back to the race, I finished 7th out of 10, I even tied my personal record of 26:50, not to bad considering it was hotter than 40 hells.

September brought the furtherest away 5K i’ve ever done, the Cochecho Challenge 5K in Dover New Hampshire, there were 46 runners in the race as this was a combo event with a 1/2 Marathon. After I weaved my way through the crowd, i started picking off other runners, including my race bitch. I finished the race in 13th overall, 8th in the mens and 1st in my age group (40-49), I beat my PR by almost a minute (25:56)

Now to get ready to start training for the Huntersville 1/2 Marathon. I’ll be sprinkling in a few 5Ks throughout the rest of year.

On a final note, I finally crossed over to the 180 pounds lost since I started all this back in September 2019.

China Grove 5K Main St Challenge and I’m Crazy…

June 10, 2021

China Grove 5K Main St Challenge and I’m Crazy…

This past week had 2 moments of joy. Friday night (6-4) Daniel and I ran the China Grove 5K. There were 241 runners, Daniel had 4 in his group and I had 14. it was a gun start and chipped finished, as usual my finish time and Watch time were different, (28:32) clock time and (26:50) watch time.

I’ve come so far in my running, i’m within 3:20 of being 20 minutes faster than my first recorded time back in May of last year.

On a crazier note, I signed up for the Huntersville Half-Marathon, Daniel is planning on signing up as soon as he can confirm graduation dates for his brother and girlfriend.

Training starts at the end of September….

Update in the making…..

May 6, 2021

It been a while since i submitted an update for your reading pleasure. Since my last post I’ve had 2 real races, signed up for 2 more, including 1 in Dover, NH in September.

In March I ran the Mt Hope Church for Missions 5K, I was 1 of 5 in a larger age group (40-49) and I finished 2nd in 29:48. Connie was able to go with me to the race and cheer me on. I was so happy that i was able to finish and medal for her. Daniel missed the race helping his girlfriend move.

April continued training with the Bare Bones Cosmic Brownie 5K occurring on 5-1. Daniel and i scouted out the course earlier in the week and went into the race high in confidence, as the course was pretty flat except for 1 small part. Daniel was the only 1 in his age group, and I was 1 of 2. For half the race i thought i was ahead of the other guy, til he passed me between mile 1 and 2 as he went towards the finish line and i was headed to the turn around. Oh well, I had a 2nd place finish in 28:40 (27:40) on my watch. I also got to meet Michelle, Daniel’s better half. After the race, we stopped and enjoyed a post race donut at Krispy Kreme.

My weight has maintained in the mid 180’s. I think this fits me perfect and don’t for see it dropping much more.

Will run for Food 5K….

March 2, 2021

This past Saturday, Daniel and I ran the Will Run for Food 5K, and lets just say I crushed it. Even though my race time was 29:37, my Strava time 27:27. It was awesome to keep up a sub 9 minute pace, as the temps were perfect, the course wasn’t to hilly, overall one of the best courses i’ve ever run.

As far as my weight, I’m still in the 190’s. Its starting to get frustrating, but i will keep up the hard work and I will see the results that I want.

Sub 30 5K

January 14, 2021

With the way things were going, it had to happen and last night it did. I completed the 5K route that has become our standard route in a time of 28:25, coming in almost a full 1:30 below my target of a sub 30 run time. Mile 1 and 2 were sub 9 minutes and the last 1.2 averaged out at a 9:29 time.

Training will now shift some to distance versus speed. The few long runs i did last week, I believed help me achieve my goal, I will keep you posted.

Knocking on the Door

January 12, 2021

In 2 back to back runs, I was able to hold my pacing at sub 10 minutes to close within :12 seconds of a recorded sub 30 5K time. I’m going to give it another try on Wednesday night after taking a night off to do a leisure walk.

I have a 1000 mile goal for the year and after today i’ll have a 6 cushion, with a goal to add to it every chance i get.

Cancelled Race

January 7, 2021

Due to Covid hitting my house, i had to drop out of the Winter Flight Race, I’m going to continue to get out and run on my own and once cleared, I’ll run with Daniel and then shoot for a Race in February. Needless to say i’m disappointed, but we will prevail……

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