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The Moth, Confidence Man, and me

June 22, 2013

Here is the good news of the post, if my scale is right, I’m down 33 or so pounds. With that being said, I know it’s been awhile since I last posted something. A lot has happened since then. My son fractured his left wrist, he lost 7 baseball games because of that, the cast came off, and we found out that he needs braces. 

We are continuing with the working out, we’re lifting weight and either walking on the treadmill or stationary bike. Sometimes we follow that up with a swim in the pool and a sit in the hot tub. Sadly I have pinched a nerve in my neck and for the time being, I’m limited to walking or riding, until I get the OK to start lifting again. 

Along with my neck, i found out this AM that my hot water heater is leaking, not sure for how long, but long enough that it’s rotted out some floor boards and floor joists. Now I to come up with the money to fix that. 

Enough with my problems, now on with the rest of the show,  here the points that jumped out to me on The Moth and Confidence Man



  • Jack/Kate\Sawyer-Beach Cave- To move or Not
  • Charlie detox
  • Charlie the bait, quits the band
  • The group is trying to find the signal
  • There is a cave in, Jack is trapped
  • Sawyer doesn’t tell Kate about Jack
  • Charlie volunteers to rescue Jack
  • Charlie issue with with his brother (drugs)
  • Charlie brother is now clean/he isn’t…roles reveresed 
  • The Moth helps Charlie and Jack escape the cave
  • Charlie is apprecated.
  • Sayid gets knocked out
  • Charlie gives in, ask 3rd time for drugs from Locke, he throws them in the fire.

Confidence Man

  • Sawyer the ladies man or is he?
  • Sayid bandaged up from being knocked out
  • Sawyer attacked Boone for looking for his stash
  • Sawyer/Kate- a kiss for the medicine, the letter
  • Sayid and Locke talk about the attack, could it have been Sawyer
  • Jack kicks Sawyer ass
  • Sawyers flash backs-Scam, Scum??
  • Shannon asthma flares up
  • Charlie on a quest for peanut butter, talks with Hurley
  • Jack/Sayid torture Sawyer
  • The Kiss, The Punch, THe FIGHT
  • Sun believes she can help Shannon
  • Sawyer isn’t Sawyer
  • Sayid leaves camp

Well are the points that stuck out at me, I’m enjoying watching these for the first time, I can see now why so many were attracted to it. I promise not take so long for my next post.


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