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Solitary, Raised by Another and 5 months before I turn 40

August 9, 2013


So, I’m a little late posting this. Back on July 28th, I posted the picture above on Facebook. On the left is my picture a week before I started to exercise, a week before I was weighed at work and the scales tipped at 362 pounds. I decided at that point I need to change, so my family and I started walking, which lead to us joining the YMCA. The picture on the right was taken in Atlanta on July 14th, with hard work I’m down to 330 pounds.

I have a goal, that on December 28th, I want to get on the scales and weigh 300 or less. I know i can do it, I do ask that everyone that reads this, to keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I have the desire, and motivation to reach my goal. When this goal is achieved, I will have lost 62 pounds in 10 months. My ultimate goal is to get down to 225.

Here are the points that jumped out at me while watching Solitary and Raised by Another


* The Wire

* Trapped, Captured and Tortured

* The French Woman

* Look back at Sayid past

* Hurley, Bag, Golf Course

* Danielle (French Lady) her story

* Standoff in the jungle

* What does Sayid see??

Raised by Another

* Claire dreaming/Nightmare??

* Flashback

* Charlie/Claire just friends

* Hurley takes a census

* Claire visits a physic, told to raise her child alone, no one else

* She had to be on this flight, no other

*Ethan not on the manifest

I promise I will get back into my routine of posting more often.

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