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October 18, 2013

I know that I have been MIA for a while on my blogging.  It’s a been a busy few months, trying to find the time to work out, keep up my chores around the house, work and just have some to watch lost, I had notes for the 2 shows I watched, but I have misplaced the, so I turned to the folks to get the synopsis of the last two shows I watched.

I’m going to confess, I want to watch Lost, i just find it a task when it comes to watching and trying to take notes on what jumped out to me, so after this post I’m to keep watching and I will let you know briefly what what each show meant to me. Hopefully that will work and make the show fun to watch again. Now to the task of my weight loss, I’m still holding in the 330 range, get below this number has been a struggle, I eat fairly decent, trying workout 3-4 days a week, (the last 2 have had no workouts, I have felt bad or Connie has one. Starting tomorrow 10-19, I’m back to grind, no more excuses. IF you read this send me words of encouragement, basically no more skipping workouts. DO IT and SHUT UP.

Now to Lost, the 2 shows I watched were All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues and Whatever the Case May Be

All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues

With the revelation that Ethan was never on the plane, the survivors rush to find the missing Claire and Charlie, whom they realize have been taken. Leading the way is Jack, who feels guilty after never believing Claire’s claims that she was in danger. Flashbacks in this episode concentrate on Jack’s decision to stand up to his father and fight for what is right.

Whatever the Case May Be

When Kate and Sawyer find a case on a dead passenger, Kate begins to act erratically, using whatever means necessary to get it away from Sawyer. At the beach, Sayid and Shannon begin to get close. Flashbacks in this episode center around Kate’s involvement in a bank robbery in New Mexico

I plan to watch a show or 2 today with a followup blog by Sunday


Thanks to everyone that reads this mindless babble….

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