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Run Jamie, Run….

August 20, 2020

Never thought I would be a runner, unless something was chasing me. Well since my surgery, I had to get more active, so I started C25K (Couch 2 5K). I finished the program, hoping the fall part of my town 5K races would be back in the plan, Covid-19 stopped that.

Since early May, I’ve running on my own, I really enjoy the time to reflect on stuff, listen to great music, baseball…etc. This past week, not sure what got into me, but I shaved off 2:38 or so minutes of what was my fastest time. I wanted help with my pacing, and thankful for my friend that laid out a foundation. I thought i had another source, but they failed to send me anything and i moved on.

I currently have a 36:06 time; nearly half the time it took me to run my 1st 5K 5 or so years ago. I did a little research, and based off my current fastest time, I would improved my 2019 Run Kannapolis races by moving from near last to the middle of the pack, heck in one race, i would have finished 3rd in my age group.

My weight this morning was 230.4

Here are my 5K times since May

5-9–> 43:20

6-24–> 41:17

6-26–> 41:25







8-2–> 38:58

8-13–> 38:44

8-16–> 36:06

8-19–> 37:00

Another step towards my goal….

June 12, 2020

I crossed the 250 pound threshold this morning, I feel so accomplished and excited to reach that goal. I’m now 79.4 pounds away from reaching my goal weight set by my weightless Dr Office.

This month the weight has fallen faster then in the months before, the only real thing i added was a little intermittent fasting . I try to eat supper no later that 5:30, so that I have a good 12 hours between meals. I also try to get a minimum of 1.5 mile walk/run in everyday as long as the weather is nice. Here of late, I almost need to wear a scuba suit with all the rain we’ve been getting. Welcome to the south and spring-summer pop-up thunder storms.


Next update when I see the 230’s

100 Pounds gone….

May 22, 2020

Wednesday morning on what would have been my Maw Maw Betty’s 86th birthday, I achieved a milestone of 100 pounds lost. I know that would be an awesome gift for her as she has been my biggest cheerleader to get healthy.

As it stands, I have just a hair over 90 pounds to get to my target goal, I can’t wait to get there….

Getting close

May 17, 2020

This morning , I got within 1 pound of losing 100 since I started this journey of weight loss. I have promised my son, that when I hit that mark, i wold let him shave off my beard. For me that’s huge as Ive had it now for 4+ years.

I will share pics when it happens……

I found my limit….

March 17, 2020

As I celebrated going below 286, I suffered a severe Acid Reflux spell, early Sunday morning. What seemed like forever, the episode finally went away and I was able to finally go back to sleep. Well, today thanks to my cousin Becky, it was determined I had eaten to much, and that’s what caused it. Even though I had eaten slow, it was too much, I now know what my limit is and what that feels like.

This week I get to add chicken and Turkey to my rotation, along with Fish/Shrimp that I got last week. Next week my menu expends, I’ll talk more about it next time.

Slowly but Surely…..

March 4, 2020

I’m still holding below the 300 pound mark, and I’m slowly dropping a few ounces at every day. My soft foods diet is going good. I have several choices that I’m switching through, thankfully i’m only a week away from adding fish to my diet.

Goodbye 300 Pound Rd….

February 24, 2020

Mini Breaking News…….


This morning, I weighed less than 300 for the first time in 3 years. I’m so excited, while at the same I know i could spike back up as hopefully this week,  i get to transition to pureed foods.

1 Week Post-Op

February 19, 2020

Here I am 1 week out from the surgery that will forever change me. I goto today at 4 for my appt to see the surgeon, i hope that he is happy with how things are going, I am. On my home scale, I’ve lost 22 pounds since last Friday, granted a lot of that is fluids, as I was getting almost 2 1/2 bags a day.

So far, I haven’t taken any diabetic meds since last Friday, a major win for me, i will keep checking it on a daily basis.




Dr visit went well, i do have 1 incision that is wanting to be a tad stubborn, so we’ll keep and eye on it and go from there. Next week I talk to the Nutritionist and hopefully i can start  pureed foods.

3 Days after…..

February 17, 2020

So I I forgot to come and let y’all know more Pre-Surgery feelings. Here are why Post Surgery thoughts.

My procedure was only suppose to talk 2-3 hours, but it ended up taking over 4. I never got to the phase of recovery where my wife could come see me, when we could finally talk and all, i was in my room. Getting up that first time hurt like a MF’er. I literally had to be helped out of bed, help in the bathroom, helped with every aspect of my life.

On one of my many walks around the floor i was on, one of the nurses stations, some lovely person brought a box of Krispy Kreme for them to eat, not sure why, but that was some many ways wrong for someone that can only take in fluids till 2-26.

Since i got to come home Friday afternoon, figuring out how to get my 60 grams of Protein, 60 oz of fluids has been hard. Today I made a little discovery, using my Hamilton Beach personal blender, I started adding ice to my shakes and waters/Gatorades, in turn making them slushes.

Do i regret anything yet, no….

1 1/4 day to go…

February 10, 2020

Here I am, 1 1/4  day to go, a full day of prep for the one of the biggest events of my life. I’m 20  or so hours away from meeting my Dr at the hospital for Single Duenal Switch. The success of this procedure against Diabetes, Sleep Apnea among other things to phenomenal.

My starting weight for this was 361, slightly lower then my heaviest of 380 just 2 years ago. I started watching my calories and walking at least 20 minutes a day 5 out of 7 days a week. Now as i head into surgery, I’m at 319.4, almost 42 pounds down, that total is factored into the overall goal of me getting down to 169/170 pounds.

Not sure I can imagine of how i’ll look at that weight, I know i’ll be happy knowing i can go into a store and not have to pray that they have a 3XL for me to wear. I know that i’ll be happy that being able to move around and not feel like its a struggle to breath.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more of my thoughts before surgery…..

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