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1st 5K and I didn’t die

May 11, 2013
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Well, I didn’t die. I survived my first 5K. Sadly I wasn’t able to run as much as I wanted to due to a leg cramp, not to far from the start of the race.
I’ll admit there were several times I almost threw in the towel. Thankfully I didn’t, and with a last minute burst of energy I came across the finish line in a respectable time of 1hr, 2 mins and so many seconds.
Not to bad for my first race and considering the fact that I that its only been 3 months since I turned in my couch potato card and applied for my active runner one.
Has this been a fun and easy journey, no. It’s been hard and there have been time that I didn’t want to go for a walk. I’m thankful for my wife who has been my motivator, and my running/ walking pal. I also want to thank who I consider the Godmother of all us runners Maggie Mack.
My next blog I talk about the next episode of Lost that I will hopefully watch soon.
As always Keep Moving Forward





Walkabout, the Town and Now the YMCA

May 5, 2013

This past week has been interesting, Wednesday we tried to go for a walk, the weather wasn’t cooperating, so we went over to the YMCA to see about walking there. Well after talking to the  girl at the desk, and seeing what it would cost for my family to join, we decided we would. We now have that back-up plan, a place to walk, swim, lift weights, the whole nine yards. Can’t wait to use it to our fullest advantage. Also today marks 1 week till Connie and I have our first 5K race.

The episode of Lost I watched this week was Walkabout. I jotted down a few points that jumped out at me.

* Boar Hunting

* Locke, Knives, no military experience

* Fishing–> not going do good

* Helen–>Locke a customer??

*Locke see’s the jungle mystery, denies seeing it…

*Rose feel’s her husband is alive, Jack see’s someone…

*Locke in a wheelchair, can walk on the island

On a side note after hearing of the passing of a classmate tonight, this thought came to mind: Things like this puts life in perspective, the disagreements we have as adults and couples, all seem minuscule, we all need to hug our families a lot harder tonight.

Tabula Rasa Doctor Visit

April 26, 2013

Yesterday was a awesome day for me. I found out that I had reached a milestone goal of losing 20 pounds. Why is that so important? It’s only 10 pounds away from my job goal of 30 pounds, for which when I achieve it, there will be a reward. Also while I was at my quarterly Dr visit, he was so impressed with what I had done and the weight that I had lost, that he told me I could stop taking my cholesterol medication once I finish up what I have left.  That’a big for me, as I had never taken meds like that before. Now to keep this up and next the meds I can stop is my Diabetes meds. As my favorite quote says “Keep Moving Forward”

I have picked up with my watching Lost for the first time. Tabula Rasa was on the agenda. Its been a few weeks since watching the pilots, so I had to remember what had happened, but it only took a few minutes to fall back into the grove. I’m glad they started filling in Kate’s back story. Hurley and Jack and the wanted poster, Sawyer can shoot and hit Marshal in the heart. Locke looks like he’s up to something. I can’t wait to I watch the next episode.

My First Time, be gentle

April 19, 2013

Here the screen shot of my first time watching lost. I will admit, that if I had given it a chance, I would have definitely watched the show from the beginning. So, as we watched the show the hashtag #JamiesFirstTime almost trended on Twitter. Today I added Lost to my Netflix queue. As soon as I finish my current viewing, I will start watching and blogging about it here


My Journey

April 16, 2013

This past weekend I took the next step in my journey to losing weight. I was part of a group walk for Autism Speaks, I meet my fundraising goal. After the walk I joined a great group of friends for the annual Jay & Jack Podcast for Autism Speaks. We raised a lot of money and had a blast. My weekend was topped off by watching the Pilot (parts 1 & 2) of Lost with Jay & Colleen Glatfelter and a host of other friends. This blog will will track both my weight loss and me watching Lost. A special thanks to Colleen for her Advice and title of this blog.


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