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My World is about to Change

January 27, 2020

I’m back. This coming Thursday, A major announcement will come out on the “What I Live For… Podcast



The Fixer might need Fixing

December 14, 2014

I know it’s been a while since I wrote my last blog, life has been so busy. My weight-loss thing is going horrible; I have fallen off the wagon and put a lot of weight on that I had lost.
For all my podcast friends out there I’m sorry I have not been as supportive for your shows as of late but it feels like I just don’t have the desire to sit and listen to the shows anymore. The only shows I’m listening to is ESPN Fantasy Focus and when that season is over and I will probably listen to more music than anything else.
Now the main reason I’m here today is that I’ve been known as a fixer person, a person that you can call
on to help and or listen when you need me. Sadly I think it’s time for The fixer to be fixed. Here of late, I have been stressed with a new position at work not that I can’t do the position but I’m still having to hang on and assist the person that took over my previous task. What makes my new position a little stressful is its something that we never done before at the place I work. My boss and I are learning as we go.
Add in the mix I’ve just been dealing with stuff at home with a 12-year-old who does not want to listen and trying to help my wife figure out why she has no energy or anything, sadly she can fall asleep at the drop of a hat and stay that way for a while while leaving me with dishes,laundry, cooking supper, buying groceries. Before you say anything I am not throwing my wife under the bus she feels bad for this. She has a appt. soon with her Dr to see if he can find an answer.
My son helps some, but not enough, and instead of getting loud & yelling, I just tell him to go sit down and I’ll do it. That’s another part of the fixer in me, I would just assume do it then try to show someone else how to, which leads to the following: There are times that I am very depressed not to the point I would do some stupid but to the point where I just want to get in my car in drive and not turn around and come back. I hate being this way, I hate myself but how I am to do this so I’m using this format to try to just get the word out there that I could use somebody to talk to.

1 Year Later…

April 29, 2014

It’s almost been one year since I started this blog about my weight loss and my journey of watching Lost.

My weight-loss hasn’t gone as planned. I had a minor medical procedure in late October and had to have it done over a few weeks later. By the time I healed up my wife tweaked her knee, that effectually took all the wind out of our sail. With winter came some of the coldest temps my area of the world, all i wanted to do was get in and out of the house as soon as impossible. Anyway, I know I need to get back in the groove and I’m slowly getting there. I still have my goal weight and I will get there.

Since March 10th, my family has dealt with my grandma health. Without going into great detail, she has been the center of our attention. If all goes as planned, she will be moving in with my parents. At first she was upset, but that quickly changed to relief as she realized that she won’t be by herself all the time. The good Lord willing she will be 80yrs old the middle of May. She means so much to me, and it is hard to imagine life without her.

Now to the part of this blog that you all came to read. My thoughts on Lost.
At first I was trying to watch a show or two then blog about it, that got old real fast, it became a chore instead of something fun. Soon I just started watching them as I had a goal to finish the series before Raleigh 2014.
What I didn’t realize was my wife Connie was watching the show with me and told not to watch them unless she was at home. So with that being said, we started in early January watching sometimes 2-3 shows at a time. We couldn’t get enough of it.

Each season got progressively better. Just like most shows there were some slow moving shows, but for the most part I will say that it was one of the best written shows I’ve watched.

For those that were there that night last year in Raleigh, thank you for making me sit there and watch the show. I really appreciate y’all for accepting me and Connie for all those years when we had never seen Lost. I really feel like we have the best friends that we can ask for.

I feel like I’m missing something, but my mind is on hyper drive dealing with work and family. I will surely add to this post once my mind has a chance to slow down.

I still have a goal to lose the weight, and I will do it one pound at a time.


2 Months to go

October 27, 2013

I had a Dr Appt this past Friday, I was concerned that I had added weight back on, thankfully I had maintained where I had been. Getting to my goal of 300 by December 28th is going to be hard. I will get as close as I can by then, that I promise.

I missed getting the next two episodes of Lost that I watched posted by last Sunday. Again, instead of me taking notes, I will give the synopses that is located on, that way I can watch the shows and enjoy them.

Here are the 2 most recent shows I watched.

Hearts and Minds

Locke and Boone continue to uncover the mysterious metal that they had found in the woods. When Shannon begins to investigate, Locke put Boone’s feelings and strengths to a deadly test. Flashbacks center around Boone’s and Shannon’s past right before the plane crash.


Violence ensues and a mysterious island beast makes a re-appearance when Michael and Locke clash over Walt’s upbringing. Flashbacks in this episode center around Michael and Walt’s first meeting after 8 years without seeing each other.

October 18, 2013

I know that I have been MIA for a while on my blogging.  It’s a been a busy few months, trying to find the time to work out, keep up my chores around the house, work and just have some to watch lost, I had notes for the 2 shows I watched, but I have misplaced the, so I turned to the folks to get the synopsis of the last two shows I watched.

I’m going to confess, I want to watch Lost, i just find it a task when it comes to watching and trying to take notes on what jumped out to me, so after this post I’m to keep watching and I will let you know briefly what what each show meant to me. Hopefully that will work and make the show fun to watch again. Now to the task of my weight loss, I’m still holding in the 330 range, get below this number has been a struggle, I eat fairly decent, trying workout 3-4 days a week, (the last 2 have had no workouts, I have felt bad or Connie has one. Starting tomorrow 10-19, I’m back to grind, no more excuses. IF you read this send me words of encouragement, basically no more skipping workouts. DO IT and SHUT UP.

Now to Lost, the 2 shows I watched were All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues and Whatever the Case May Be

All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues

With the revelation that Ethan was never on the plane, the survivors rush to find the missing Claire and Charlie, whom they realize have been taken. Leading the way is Jack, who feels guilty after never believing Claire’s claims that she was in danger. Flashbacks in this episode concentrate on Jack’s decision to stand up to his father and fight for what is right.

Whatever the Case May Be

When Kate and Sawyer find a case on a dead passenger, Kate begins to act erratically, using whatever means necessary to get it away from Sawyer. At the beach, Sayid and Shannon begin to get close. Flashbacks in this episode center around Kate’s involvement in a bank robbery in New Mexico

I plan to watch a show or 2 today with a followup blog by Sunday


Thanks to everyone that reads this mindless babble….

Solitary, Raised by Another and 5 months before I turn 40

August 9, 2013


So, I’m a little late posting this. Back on July 28th, I posted the picture above on Facebook. On the left is my picture a week before I started to exercise, a week before I was weighed at work and the scales tipped at 362 pounds. I decided at that point I need to change, so my family and I started walking, which lead to us joining the YMCA. The picture on the right was taken in Atlanta on July 14th, with hard work I’m down to 330 pounds.

I have a goal, that on December 28th, I want to get on the scales and weigh 300 or less. I know i can do it, I do ask that everyone that reads this, to keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I have the desire, and motivation to reach my goal. When this goal is achieved, I will have lost 62 pounds in 10 months. My ultimate goal is to get down to 225.

Here are the points that jumped out at me while watching Solitary and Raised by Another


* The Wire

* Trapped, Captured and Tortured

* The French Woman

* Look back at Sayid past

* Hurley, Bag, Golf Course

* Danielle (French Lady) her story

* Standoff in the jungle

* What does Sayid see??

Raised by Another

* Claire dreaming/Nightmare??

* Flashback

* Charlie/Claire just friends

* Hurley takes a census

* Claire visits a physic, told to raise her child alone, no one else

* She had to be on this flight, no other

*Ethan not on the manifest

I promise I will get back into my routine of posting more often.

The Moth, Confidence Man, and me

June 22, 2013

Here is the good news of the post, if my scale is right, I’m down 33 or so pounds. With that being said, I know it’s been awhile since I last posted something. A lot has happened since then. My son fractured his left wrist, he lost 7 baseball games because of that, the cast came off, and we found out that he needs braces. 

We are continuing with the working out, we’re lifting weight and either walking on the treadmill or stationary bike. Sometimes we follow that up with a swim in the pool and a sit in the hot tub. Sadly I have pinched a nerve in my neck and for the time being, I’m limited to walking or riding, until I get the OK to start lifting again. 

Along with my neck, i found out this AM that my hot water heater is leaking, not sure for how long, but long enough that it’s rotted out some floor boards and floor joists. Now I to come up with the money to fix that. 

Enough with my problems, now on with the rest of the show,  here the points that jumped out to me on The Moth and Confidence Man



  • Jack/Kate\Sawyer-Beach Cave- To move or Not
  • Charlie detox
  • Charlie the bait, quits the band
  • The group is trying to find the signal
  • There is a cave in, Jack is trapped
  • Sawyer doesn’t tell Kate about Jack
  • Charlie volunteers to rescue Jack
  • Charlie issue with with his brother (drugs)
  • Charlie brother is now clean/he isn’t…roles reveresed 
  • The Moth helps Charlie and Jack escape the cave
  • Charlie is apprecated.
  • Sayid gets knocked out
  • Charlie gives in, ask 3rd time for drugs from Locke, he throws them in the fire.

Confidence Man

  • Sawyer the ladies man or is he?
  • Sayid bandaged up from being knocked out
  • Sawyer attacked Boone for looking for his stash
  • Sawyer/Kate- a kiss for the medicine, the letter
  • Sayid and Locke talk about the attack, could it have been Sawyer
  • Jack kicks Sawyer ass
  • Sawyers flash backs-Scam, Scum??
  • Shannon asthma flares up
  • Charlie on a quest for peanut butter, talks with Hurley
  • Jack/Sayid torture Sawyer
  • The Kiss, The Punch, THe FIGHT
  • Sun believes she can help Shannon
  • Sawyer isn’t Sawyer
  • Sayid leaves camp

Well are the points that stuck out at me, I’m enjoying watching these for the first time, I can see now why so many were attracted to it. I promise not take so long for my next post.


Lost time to make up

May 20, 2013

It’s been a little while since I posted my latest Lost review. Last week, I watched The White Rabbit and House of the Rising Sun. Those 2 episodes were wild. Here are my observations for the shows.

White Rabbit
Ø Jack sees someone
Ø Where’s the water??
Ø Jack’s Dad, the white rabbit??
Ø Locke saves Jack
Ø Sawyer’s stash in the jungle…
Ø Jack’s father is dead
Ø Baby dolls, part of the plane…
Ø The casket is empty…

House of the Rising Sun
Ø Jin has an issue with Michael
Ø Charlie and the Bee Hive
Ø Possibly moving the Camp, who is going and who’s stays at the beach
Ø Sun on the run, getting away from Jin
Ø Jin is handcuffed to the wreckage
Ø Sun can speak English, tells Michael, it’s the watch that upset Jin
Ø Locke/Charlie, finding the guitar, quitting the drugs…

These are a few of the things that jumped out at me. I’m sure that I missed something. If I did, please let me know in the comments below.

I’m really enjoying the show, wished I hadn’t skipped it. Thank you Jay and Colleen and the others that were there that night for introducing me to the show.

1st 5K and I didn’t die

May 11, 2013
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Well, I didn’t die. I survived my first 5K. Sadly I wasn’t able to run as much as I wanted to due to a leg cramp, not to far from the start of the race.
I’ll admit there were several times I almost threw in the towel. Thankfully I didn’t, and with a last minute burst of energy I came across the finish line in a respectable time of 1hr, 2 mins and so many seconds.
Not to bad for my first race and considering the fact that I that its only been 3 months since I turned in my couch potato card and applied for my active runner one.
Has this been a fun and easy journey, no. It’s been hard and there have been time that I didn’t want to go for a walk. I’m thankful for my wife who has been my motivator, and my running/ walking pal. I also want to thank who I consider the Godmother of all us runners Maggie Mack.
My next blog I talk about the next episode of Lost that I will hopefully watch soon.
As always Keep Moving Forward




Walkabout, the Town and Now the YMCA

May 5, 2013

This past week has been interesting, Wednesday we tried to go for a walk, the weather wasn’t cooperating, so we went over to the YMCA to see about walking there. Well after talking to the  girl at the desk, and seeing what it would cost for my family to join, we decided we would. We now have that back-up plan, a place to walk, swim, lift weights, the whole nine yards. Can’t wait to use it to our fullest advantage. Also today marks 1 week till Connie and I have our first 5K race.

The episode of Lost I watched this week was Walkabout. I jotted down a few points that jumped out at me.

* Boar Hunting

* Locke, Knives, no military experience

* Fishing–> not going do good

* Helen–>Locke a customer??

*Locke see’s the jungle mystery, denies seeing it…

*Rose feel’s her husband is alive, Jack see’s someone…

*Locke in a wheelchair, can walk on the island

On a side note after hearing of the passing of a classmate tonight, this thought came to mind: Things like this puts life in perspective, the disagreements we have as adults and couples, all seem minuscule, we all need to hug our families a lot harder tonight.

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